Master Wheelwright and Coachbuilder Phill Gregson

USA TOUR: Worldwide Wheelwright

Phill and Emily Gregson wheelwrights at colonial williamsburg, virginia, usa

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During my years as a craftsman I have endeavoured to learn as much about my trade as possible, improving my knowledge of skills and processes that could quite easily be lost or forgotten as time goes by.

Why send a Wheelwright to the USA?

There are many problems in modern times that make it difficult for working Wheelwrights to stay in business. One of our problems is the sourcing of suitable timber. One of the main aims of Worldwide Wheelwright is to seek proven, suitable alternatives to Elm.

Elm is in short supply in the UK thanks to Dutch elm disease.

Elm is used because of its tough interlocking grain structure that doesn’t split easily. It is not an easy timber to replace.

I intend to make my knowledge and findings available for people now and in the future to use as a point of reference and a learning resource.


By visiting and working alongside other Wheelwright’s I hope to learn their ways and processes as well as maintaining a line of contact between the few working Wheelwrights that are left.

For further information on the journey and the research please feel free to get in touch or visit the Worldwide Wheelwright site.

Streaking wooden wheels in colonial williamsberg, usa

Worldwide wheelwright in colonial Williamsburg

Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson

Worldwide Wheelwright at Colonial Williamsburg

Funded by…

This project was funded by The Winston Churchill Memorial trust and the Worshipful company of Wheelwrights.

Assisted by Emily Gregson and with thanks to the many skilled craftsmen and women we met along the way.

Phill and Emily Gregson at colonial williamsburg, virginia, usa

Worldwide wheelwright