Master Wheelwright and Coachbuilder Phill Gregson


Wheelwright Definition:

A person who makes and repairs wooden wheels.

Phill in Geogian garb wheelwrighting

Master Wheelright Phill Gregson Working in the Georgian period

In reality a Wheelwright is far more than that, especially in modern times as it now now necessary to cover the skills of many associated crafts and trades that either no longer exist or where practitioners are few and far between.

In this modern day we can’t simply pop in to the Blacksmiths shop next door for their metalwork as they would have done 50 years or so ago. So it is now necessary to have a relatively big workshop and an in depth knowledge of Blacksmithing, welding, fabricating and light engineering.

Blacksmith and wheelwright

Aaron Gregson learning traditional Blacksmithing skills

We pride ourselves on the generations of skills and our abilities to tackle projects that most other Wheelwright’s can’t handle.

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Wooden wheeled fire escape

Loading a 50 feet long Wheeled escape ladder onto a wagon for delivery to The Merseyside Fire Service Museum

We don’t just rest on our laurels, we must continually research new ideas, new techniques and suitable sources for materials, both traditional and replacement timbers.

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Wheelwright talk

Phill Gregson Wheelwright talking to a woodcarving group

Phill and Emily Gregson wheelwrights at colonial williamsburg, virginia, usa

Worldwide wheelwright study at Colonial Williamsburg

It is a passion of Phill’s and his family to keep the skills we foster alive, the intention is to open a working museum that can promote the skills, traditions and most importantly the technology behind a wooden wheel.

In addition to the working museum we intend to run beginner courses in various traditional crafts, intended to be an entry point to careers for people interested in traditional crafts.