Master Wheelwright and Coachbuilder Phill Gregson

Television, Film, media work and craft Demonstrations

As well as producing wheels, carrying out repairs or alterations on vehicles and blacksmithing, We provide a selection of demonstrations for television, public and private events, in Wheelwrighting, Blacksmithing, Horse logging and driving, Polelathe turning and more. We are also available for consultation and performing lectures/talks on the wheelwright’s trade.

Phill in Geogian garb

Master Wheelright Phill Gregson Working in the Georgian period

Television and filming work:


We provide a selection of services for television, media and film production Everything from Building working prop Vehicles such as the recent replica of Emmaline Pankhursts caravan for the BBC 2018 through to horse work such as the Shrimping cart project for BBC Countryfile 2014.

A short film by Jerri Jarmeh featuring Phill Gregson, Master Wheelwright at his Wheelwright’s shop in Lancashire.

The Wheelwright | documentary from Sam Birch on Vimeo.

Bear and Arnie in London

Filming with Bear and Arnie in London

We have two incredible working horses, Bear and Arnie, they are British driving/working cobs that have been tested through many tough situations. In 2017 Emily and Phill drove Bear and Arnie for over 870 miles to the south of France for Elsie’s Journey, a charity journey in memory of their daughter Elsie.

Arnie Elssies Journey

Arnie pulling the Elsies Journey wagon

Bear and Arnie have also been the stars of the BBC Breakfast Suffrage caravan project for multiple outings in 2018.

Craft skilled Working actor:

Producing a period programme? need background actors who can actually make things by hand with the traditional tools and to the correct period? Phill is your man. Skilled in many practices of woodworking and metalworking, Phill has regularly worked on camera in period dress as well as working in period at public events, museums and alike all over the world.


Phill at Guedelon

Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson working at Guedelon Castle in France

Wheelwrighting Demonstrations:

As part of a standard wheelwrighting display, we bring along a selection of wheels, tools and equipment including some of our current work, or a demonstration piece to work on in public. If necessary we can provide our own shelter, or work under a marquee. We are insured for public liability and can risk asses any demonstrations. At some larger events we can provide a small selection of carts/ lorries etc for show (this being at extra cost to cover transport).


Phill Gregson Wheelwright talking to a woodcarving group

Phill Gregson Wheelwright talking to a woodcarving group

Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson winning The Wellman Trophy at the Royal Cheshire show 2015

Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson winning The Wellman Trophy at the Royal Cheshire show 2015

For a standard Wheelwrighting demonstration, my fee is £180 per day plus expenses. This is negotiable for any event of two days or more.

Apprentice wheelwright assembling wheels at a show

Apprentice Wheelwright Joe Fredricks making spokes for a wooden wheel by hand.

Apprentice Wheelwright Joe Fredricks making spokes for a wooden wheel by hand.

For larger events with separate arenas, we can provide hooping demonstrations (please use the contact form for further details on hooping demonstrations). The cost can vary depending on location and various requirements but most events work out at around £400 per day plus travelling expenses.

Hooping fire

Hooping fire heating up iron tyres

Hooping fire late at night

Freshly hooped tyres around the fire.


Pole Lathe Turning:

An alternative to Wheelwrighting is Pole Lathe Turning. This involves the process of turning freshly felled (green) timber into turned spindles such as chair legs, rounders bats, wooden balls, candle holders and babies rattles to name just a few. All this can be done without the need for electricity! For this display we would bring along a Shave horse, Pole Lathe and all the tools required to demonstrate the craft to the public. We can provide our own shelter for this demo, as it is best displayed outdoors.

For a standard Pole lathe Turning Demonstration, the fee is the same as for the wheelwrighting.

As a bonus for some woodland based events, we can use timber from your woodland! And the products can be kept either for your organisation to display, sell or donate.