Master Wheelwright and Coachbuilder Phill Gregson

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Wheelwright’s Shop:

Wheelwright TV, Traditional Wheelwright’s Working at Wheelwright’s Shop, Lancashire, England.

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A short film by Photographer and filmographer Jerri Jarmeh.

Jerri spent a day filming and photographing master Wheelwright Phill Gregson at his wheelwright’s shop in 2019.

Wheelwright tv, film and media.

The Wheelwright | documentary from Sam Birch on Vimeo.

See Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson and his family at work in his Wheelwright’s shop in Lancashire, England. Phill and Aaron Gregson take you on a journey around Wheelwright’s shop and show off their working horses Bear and Arnie in a local woodland.

In 2018 Phill travelled around England with the BBC Breakfast Suffrage caravan with the wonder horses Bear and Arnie.

Wheelwright TV, Film and Media

Catch Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson as he survives the desert elements on Channel 4 Escape with Ant Middleton.

Braving 48 degree heat, sandstorms, limited food and water, Phill and the team have to build a vehicle to Escape the desert using only the wreckage of two crashed aircraft.

Driving spokes in the workshop. This is how tight they should be, only the finest oak spokes, hand made and tightly fitted, there’s no need for glue…

Phill Gregson Master Wheelwright on southpirt beach with BBC Countryfile tv

BBC Countryfile filming on Southport beach with Matt Baker and Phill Gregson